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This way, Netflix doesn’t know it’s a VPN and won’t block those IP addresses. The alternative way is to set up a dedicated IP. To bypass VPN blocks providers try to hide and mask the encrypted traffic to make it look more general. They use various obfuscation methods and different port numbers that could circumvent the censorship. How to bypass VPN blocks Most of the techniques to circumvent the block of VPN is to obfuscate, stealth, and make the VPN traffic look general. How to Bypass VPN Blocks Obfuscated Servers.

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| Security Made Simple Apple's Big Sur OS Update Allowing Apps to Bypass VPNs.

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1. Open up a command prompt. To do this is hold WIN+R, a box marked “run” should open.

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How to bypass VPN blocks 1. Make a mobile data hotspot. This one is trivial, but effective when trying to access websites blocked by the 2. Change VPN server or even VPN provider. If you can not get around the VPN ban on services like Netflix you might want 3.

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Not to mention services that ban VPN and do threat with some consequences – ban – when users access them via VPN servers. If only there was a way to have it both… Setup static routing and bypass VPN when needed! Luckily for all of us there is a way to sort this problem. It will work in a similar way to SmartDNS (but has nothing to do with To permit access for some IPs (like the IPs of some sites) to your real IP (bypass VPN) you have to create some special rules using “route.exe” tool from windows. It is located in C:\Windows\System32 but you can execute it from anywhere.

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